What Does The Color You Choose Say About You?

pantone colors

The world around us is filled with color. Everyone has their own favorite color and tend to reflect this with their clothes. So what does the color you choose say about you? What can people learn about your personality from your favorite color? Let’s take a look at the meaning behind colors.


People that have black as their favorite color and tend to wear a lot of it are artistic and sensitive. They may not necessarily be introverted, but they are still careful about sharing details of their lives with other people. They are careful to avoid showing too much of themselves.


People that like the color white are generally logical and organized. These are people that don’t have a whole lot of clutter in their lives. White is simple and basic and their personality can be a reflection of this.


Red is the color of people that live their lives to the fullest. They are determined and tenacious and see their endeavors through to the end. People who wear a lot of red never give up until the end.


If your favorite color is blue then you are someone that is reliable, sensitive, always make time and for others and like it when things are in harmony. They also like to keep things clean and tidy and feel that one of the most important things in life is stability.


People that love the color green tend to be loyal, frank, and affectionate. They also understand how others think and feel about them and place a lot of importance on their reputation. They may go above and beyond to protect their reputation and work to improve the way people feel about them.


Fans of the color yellow enjoy learning and then sharing their knowledge with other people. They rarely have problems finding happiness and the people in their lives compare them to bright yellow rays of sunshine.


Purple lovers are unique and artistic people. While they do respect others they can have streaks of arrogance.


Fans of brown colour are good friends and try to stay reliable and dependable for other people. They generally don’t desire flashy objects and try to build a stable life for themselves.

These are, of course, somewhat generic descriptions. At the very least it should give you something of a starting point when thinking about what your favorite color says about you. How do you choose to represent yourself through color?

What color clothes do you wear the most? What do they say about you?

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