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    Five Affordable Clothing Brands that Look Expensive

    One of the golden rules of being fashion savvy is to splurge on the most important pieces and save on everything else. It’s smart to spend a lot of money on a leather jacket that’s going to last you several years, but it’s smarter to save on things such as t-shirts, jeans, and shirts. Fast fashion stores are becoming more popular for budget friendly shoppers, but it’s best to know which brands are best when it comes to quality and price. Here are five affordable clothing brands that look expensive. Zara Zara are known for being the best way to get high fashion at a low price point. The CEO…

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    What Does The Color You Choose Say About You?

    The world around us is filled with color. Everyone has their own favorite color and tend to reflect this with their clothes. So what does the color you choose say about you? What can people learn about your personality from your favorite color? Let’s take a look at the meaning behind colors. Black People that have black as their favorite color and tend to wear a lot of it are artistic and sensitive. They may not necessarily be introverted, but they are still careful about sharing details of their lives with other people. They are careful to avoid showing too much of themselves. White People that like the color white…

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    Why is Vintage so Popular?

    I love vintage clothing. I think I am the only one. You only have to look around to understand that vintage clothing has become incredibly popular in the past decade or so. It’s now become a part of mainstream fashion once again. With so many celebrities donning their own vintage clothing the market has received a massive boost and has shown that vintage clothing can be surprisingly modern. They also make for a great way to create an individual look. Individual look There are lots of reasons that vintage has become popular. One of them is that consumers believe that mainstream fashion has become less unique and high street fashion…

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    What Your Clothes Say About You

    The clothes in your closet can offer a look into your personality, emotional state, and fears and desires. Perhaps more-so than you might think. You may be wondering what your clothes say about you. Keep on reading to find out. You Have Lots of Clothes with Logos If you have a closet packed with clothes covered in logos then you may be trying to hide who you really are. There are plenty of people that will only buy something if it has a designer logo on it. This means that there are lots of things about you that you want the world to see and many things that you don’t…